Underwater technology


Klein is the first to come up with Sidescan sonar and is still today at the forefront of the development of these various systems.


Kongsberg develops and manufactures advanced sonar, positioning systems, and submarines.

Maritime Robotics

Maritime Robotics has since 2005 developed uncrewed systems for vessels, USV, to be able to gather data from sensors without any personnel on board. They have now several vessels that all are complete survey vessels from portable to 7 ton, up to 25 day endurance. Choice of vessel depends on mission and sensors.

Chesapeake Technology

Chesapeake Technology was launched with a mission - to make it easy to collect and interpret sonar data by making user-friendly products such as SonarWiz. Their products can be used in combination with the most active sonar systems on the market.


EdgeTech is a leading manufacturer of underwater technology. The company is known worldwide for its high quality and reliable USBL systems and transponders.

Imagenex Technology Corp

Imagenex Technology Corp. manufactures sonar equipment with a cardinal focus: to provide the sharpest images at the most reasonable price. Each system in that product line integrates the latest in sub-miniature electronics for a total package that is small, robust, and contributes to years of maintenance-free use.

Applied Acoustics Underwater Technology.

USBL-system och subbottom profilers med egen division för kundanpassad utveckling inom hydroakustik.


Valeport delivers and manufactures underwater sensors with several applications for underwater information retrieval and can be integrated with ROV, ASV, and AUV.


Hydroid is a manufacturer of underwater vehicles, AUV REMUS for various applications and depths.

SubC Imaging

Manufacturers of high quality underwater camera systems where their smart cameras can be programmed and remotely controlled. The system is modular and can offer a variety of functions.

Lockhed Martin Sippican Ltd.

Lockhed Martin Sippican Ltd. Manufacturer of probes for measuring the speed of sound data in water. Also manufactures EMATT, which is a self-propelled submarine-hunting destination.


Manufacturer of sonar buoys and related electronic equipment.


A ground-breaking sonar that provides extended range coherent side scan, IHO Exclusive Order swath bathymetry, and stunning 3D point clouds. High-resolution underwater imaging and mapping has never been easier or more affordable.


Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine is today the collective name for Decca, Plath, and Sperry, which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of RADAR, Gyrocompasses, Autopilots, Logs, and Integrated Bridges with a worldwide service organization.

Northrop Grumman Coorperation

Manufacturer of gyros and navigation data distribution systems mainly for military use.

Japan Radio Co JRC

Japan Radio Co. JRC is a Japanese world-leading manufacturer of RADAR and solid-state RADAR, GPS, AIS, Logs, Sonar, ECDIS, Fleet Broadband, GMDSS radio equipment, and Integrated Bridges.

Alphatron Marine

Manufacturer and supplier of Gyro, displays, and Autopilots and jetty systems for tugs.

Simrad Professional

Manufacturer of Radar, autopilots, displays, Gyro, GPS, ECDIS and sonar.

SAAB Transpondertech

Leading manufacturer of AIS systems and GPS.


A Japanese manufacturer of Gyrocompasses, Autopilots, and Logs.

Hensholdt (Kelvin Hughes)

Manufacturer of Radar, ECDIS and navigation systems.

Navitron Ltd

Manufacturer of Autopilot, control system, and interface.


Manufacturer of Autopilot and control systems.


Manufacturer of IMU and inertial navigation systems based on MEMS technology.


Skipper is a leading manufacturer of various types of Sonar, Logs and repeaters.


Danelec is a leader in the development and manufacture of VDR (Vessel Data Recording) and SVDR systems. Danelec has over 6,000 systems installed across the entire world.


Develops and integrates electronic charts for both the ship and integration between offices and ships and its route optimization with weather service.

Hemisphere GNSS

GNSS Hemisphere GNSS is a leader in high-performance satellite positioning with a strong technical foundation and focuses on innovation. With the help of its powerful intellectual property right, Hemisphere develops and delivers flexible satellite positioning products and services that enable an easy and cheap positioning solution with high accuracy.

Adveto Advanced Technology AB

Adveto is a Swedish manufacturer of ECDIS systems, with related solutions including ENC, with development in Sweden and more than 30 years of experience.


Zenitel (Vingtor-Phonetech)

Intercom and manufacturer of internal communication equipment, telephone exchanges, Talk Back and PA systems


Korean manufacturer of satellite TV antennas and communications antennas.


Jotron is a large and well-known manufacturer of various SAR / GMDSS equipment. Such as emergency VHF, EPIRB, and SART. In addition to this, they are far ahead with their advanced VHF solutions.


McMurdo is one of the world's largest manufacturers of SAR / GMDSS equipment. Such as EPIRB, SART, and PLB, and is owned by Orolia.


Orolia owns McMurdo and Kannad.


Cobham is the leading manufacturer of GMDSS radio systems. Such as SAILOR. Cobham also manufactures Seatel satellite systems.


KVH manufactures Satellite TV systems and Satellite communication systems for the marine market.


Manufactures and supplies satellite equipment for communication around the entire world.


Manufacturer of satellite equipment for communication around the entire world.


One of the world’s largest manufacturers of land-based antennas as well as antennas for marine use. Standard antennas and special antennas.

Scan Antenna

One of the Nordic region's largest manufacturers of antennas for marine use.

AST, Applied Satellite Technology Ltd

Manufacturer and distributor of satellite communication equipment and Airtime.


Leading manufacturer of mobile broadband hardware and its applications.


Leading manufacturer of mobile broadband hardware and its applications.



Manufacturer of airport systems for both marine and land-based environments. In addition, they also develop weather and navigation systems.


Wynn / Hepworth is the world's leading manufacturer of marine windscreen wipers and clear glass windows and associated systems.


Manufacturer of proprietary fiber optic gyros, IMU, and INS.


Hatteland is a leading supplier of custom monitors and computer products for the marine market.


IBAK is today one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of marine searchlights and electric radiators for marine use.


Olorin is a Swedish company specializing in monitors in various niche areas. They have extensive experience with function and workplace environment in focus.