One group, one name

CA Clase Marine Electronics, Cordland Marine, Zeatec Marine, and CTV Service - together we are NjordX.

Our operations have gone from sales of individual products to increasing commitments and system solutions. The best way for us to deliver this is in unison, by utilizing the various competencies within the Group. We at NjordX work closely with our customers and take full responsibility for our deliveries of hydroacoustic systems, navigation, communication, IT, and security solutions. Our responsibility extends from the start of the project and all the way through installation and commissioning to service and support. We deliver worldwide.

The shipping industry and the shipyard business have a long and proud history in Scandinavia. Following the closure of the large shipyards in Sweden, the competence has been preserved and further developed in a number of small and medium-sized companies with a marine focus. Our own history begins as early as 1912. Our business concept was then mainly to, together with the business contacts that have been established over the years at sea, deliver goods and services to the Swedish shipbuilding and shipping industry and to other industries in Sweden. The growing Swedish industries were in great need of qualified industrial products and already during the first half of the 20th century, agency agreements were concluded with reputable foreign manufacturers. Products for the entire company, from the keel to the mast top, became the basis of our business and our business concept is now to deliver system solutions together with our partners. We intend to develop this in the next 100 years as well.

The Swedish Armed Forces have been a good customer since the start when the long-term collaboration began. Since the beginning of the 1980s, other government institutions such as the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Swedish Coast Guard, and the Swedish Geological Survey have also been using our products. Civil shipping has always been one of the cornerstones of the companies in the NjordX Group.

Service and consulting services in the various product areas are and have always been the companies' guiding stars. System delivery and total commitment are synonymous terms for all operations and are well-known concepts among our customers.

We deliver everything from individual products to larger system solutions. To cope with this requires great knowledge, long experience, and dedicated staff. That is why we at NjordX have had an obvious place in the shipping industry for over 100 years.